Home Adviser Review by A Good Person in 2018

Home Adviser
Home Adviser

Home Adviser Review by A Good Person in 2018

Home Adviser Review By Honerable Person  he Tell That “on my review of home advisor and I can speak to it because I have used the service on three occasions and have each time canceled my service with them. I’m sitting at home today on my bed it’s a rainy very day here in the Atlanta metro area and in the carpet cleaning business most people when it’s raining like it is today will just simply call and cancel so I have a relaxing day at home wishing.

Home Adviser I was out on the band making money but it gives me a good opportunity to speak with my fellow business owners and those that might be considering going into business and those of you that are considering home advisor let me just start by telling you don’t do. it just save your money save your headache save your woes that come with it and the reason is again I’ve been with them three times and each time I have cancelled due to just the frustration of dealing with them and you might say well why in the world if you had a bad experience.< Why You Need A Home Adviser

the first time why would you keep going back to them well when you’re when you’re in business and you’re trying to get customers and you’re trying to build your customer base you know you you do whatever you can and I did get some business from them and you under kind of person that’s always willing to give someone a second chance especially if they actually do as a company they do review you know their complaints of their customers and maybe they might have fixed a few things at least as this was my thinking but this last time.

I was with them I was with them for less than a week that’s how long it took for them to just go back to their old habits so so let me just tell you quickly what happens with homeadvisor have you probably already done your research and you know that home home advisor is simply a company that provides a website that people who need a service will go to and say for example that a plumb or carpet cleaner heating an air-conditioning person pest control whatever and they just go in and type in their information now you as a service provider have paid to be a part of the list of contractors that will be sent to this particular person putting in the information so you pay anywhere from a hundred and twenty up to three hundred dollars just to become a member of home advisor and then you pay anywhere from fifteen to twenty-five dollars depending on the type of lead.

it is it’s higher for what they call an exact match and you pay for that service so when someone goes and they put in their information so they need a carpet cleaner and they type in their information I need a carpet cleaner in Atlanta and they submit it well then three or four of us supposedly that’s supposed to only be three or four of us will be contacted by home advisor saying you have a new lead and you’ve already been billed for that lead somewhere between again fifteen and twenty-five dollars it immediately hits your account.

they waste no time doing that and you are given the contact information phone number email address so forth so of course if you are available at that moment you you attempt to call them and my experience has been that that when you call them immediately they simply don’t answer the phone and so you leave them a voicemail and say hey this is Tony with clean easy carpet cleaning.

Home Adviser
Home Adviser

I just got your information from a home advisor that you’re looking for a carpet cleaner I would love to talk to you tell you a little bit about me and bid on your your needs and of course they never call you back that that’s that’s one of the biggest problems they can never call you back so then you run and you you send an email to them because you have their email address and you basically say the same thing this is so-and-so what sets in such a business got your information from home advisor would love to talk with you please call me at this number or reply to this email etc.

they don’t reply I mean it’s ever so often you’ll get in touch with someone probably about thirty percent of the time you might actually get someone on the phone and what you’ll find about that person is usually their their low price shoppers and tire kickers when you that they’re they’re out there just shopping trying to find someone who will call them that will give them the absolute lowest price possible and if you’re that kind of person then by all means I go for it but what you’re going to find is that you will not get in touch with most of these people whether they’re lowball tire kickers or not so it really doesn’t matter.

it’s very frustrating to get billed repeatedly my service my home advisor I almost said service magic because that’s what they used to be called but you can you repeatedly are getting billed by home advisor and you’re not getting anything it’s very frustrating to get charged for something that you don’t get now home advisor defines a lead differently than you as a business person do that and that’s something you really need to understand that if if you if you pay for something like a pizza if you walk into a pizza place if you you order a pizza and you give them the $20 or so for that large pizza then you expect to get it but it’s not the way that that home advisor things now if I don’t pay for a lead.

if I get a lead sent to me from some friend or something and I call them or email them and I don’t get in touch with them they don’t reply well that doesn’t bother me I don’t have any skin in the game but but home advisor feels like as long as they provide you with a name and an email and a phone number. they’ve done their job but they don’t do anything to verify that this is a valid serious customer. I’ve asked them many times on at least three occasions I’ve asked them listen tell the persons that are about to enter their information tell them but before they click the submit button that you understand that. you’re going to be contacted by at least three contractors. who have paid a fee for the right to contact.

you I mean this is Fair Services homeadvisor will not do that they will not tell potential clients and customers that we have paid a fee that they just won’t do it I believe if anyone sees that just before they hit the submit button they’ll realize that people have paid a fee and if they’re good people though they’ll be serious and if they’re not serious at that point they don’t want to be contacted if they’re just tire kickers then maybe they won’t they won’t go ahead and submit but in in-home advisors mind a lead is anyone who goes to the website and puts in any name any phone number any email address and then if they’ve put carpet-cleaning that.

I’m going to get a bill for that from anywhere between fifteen and twenty five dollars now in my mind and in your mind as a business owner a lead is someone that you actually can talk to if you’ve paid for it if you paid $15 for someone who is looking for a service estimate it doesn’t matter to you if you get the job or not you know you realize you’re in competition against someone else homeadvisor constantly tells me well Tony we haven’t promised you to get any jobs they completely missed the point.

 I understand that they’re not guaranteeing that I’m getting any jobs but what they don’t understand is if I pay fifteen to twenty five dollars I expect to have a conversation with the person putting the information in that’s what I’m paying for so I can tell them what differentiates me between myself and the competition but in home advisors mind that’s not a lead I’m a lead is anyone who puts in their information in my mind a lead is something a human being that I actually can talk to and I’ve paid a fee to have the privilege and the right to do so so again.

if I go and pay fifteen to twenty dollars for a large pepperoni pizza I don’t expect the restaurant to say well we’re not going to give you a pizza and that’s what I paid for it well it doesn’t matter we just don’t think you need it and this is what home advisor does they expect you to pay for something and then they expect you to just roll with it when you don’t get in contact with them so understand this is a major major problem with homeadvisor.

I’ve been with them again three times and all three times I’ve had the same exact experience every now and then when I complained about it they would give me a couple of makeup leads but but for the most part they just tell me well you know Tony you seem to failed you seem to forget that we never promised you any this is the point that it’s amazingly frustrating about them I know they don’t promise any jobs but they’re supposed to give me is leads real human beings that I can talk to so after having spent a lot of money with them and having lost a lot of money with them paying for fictitious people out there in cyber-land I have concluded that is a service.

that you do not want to be a part of so I would encourage you that if you are considering homeadvisor especially if your money has limited if your if your advertising budget is limited don’t do it you will find it extremely frustrating you’ll get contacted by home advisor here’s Joe Smith over here in some part of the city that you work in and you get excited because you’ve got a real lead and you call him and he doesn’t answer the phone or if he does answer the phone which is about three out of every 10 times he’s he’s just a curious tire kicker wanting the absolute lowest price possible and you can’t afford even service his meat and if you send him an email they won’t reply if you leave them a voicemail they won’t call back and you’ve paid fifteen to twenty five dollars for that wonderful joy there are many other problems but I don’t want just drone on in this video I think I’ve made the point it’s not a company you want to be a part of at least it’s not a company that I want to be a part of so from one business owner to another proceed with caution when it comes to home advisor this is Tony Guthrie owner of clean easy carpet cleaning all the best to you


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